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Frequently asked questions

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To exchange your money India to Bangladesh is very simple.

1st. Create a account/login

2nd. Select your payment method

3rd. Complete your payment

4th. Enter Transaction id or Ordered id

5th. Finally click at Processed.

And wait for approval by Operator.

Sorry to hear about that.
This is definitely not the experience we wanted you to have.
If you faced any problem in your transaction and money Dedicated from your account, You will get Refund sure!

Don't worry, If you faced any issue or cancellation it will be credited to sender account via our manual system.

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Safe Money BD

No, we do not charge any commissions for any exchange transaction, we only charge a trading margin, which will be smaller the higher the amount is, or if you decide to order your currency online instead of exchanging it at our branches.

Banks, however, will charge you the trading margin plus a commission, while in Global Exchange we only charge the trading margin. Compare our margins to those of your bank and add the commission to see how much more you are paying.

Yes, Safe Money BD is secure.
We don't blame you for thinking twice security, especially when it comes to trusting someone, or something with your money. Allow us to explain how Safe Money BD is safe and secure for teens and families!

- We have 100% end to end secured systems.